Middle Aged Guys | Guests Jonny Tiernan & Drew Portnoy

Recorded Live on Sunday, March 27, 2023 at Noisy Rooms in Berlin. Guest host Drew Portnoy of 20% Berlin takes us through some political tidbits, his terrifying adventures in Frankfurt, and his thoughts on nudity rules at Berlin pools.

We talk with Jonny Tiernan, the new editor in chief of ExBerliner, about his new job and other changes at the Berlin English language institution.

Stories include the transportation strike, Corona fund fraud, baby eels in our waterways, and an update on the Berlin judge involved in last year’s coup attempt.

King Charles III is coming to Berlin this upcoming Wednesday! Fans can wait in front of the Brandenburger Tor to see the heir of the Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha royal line return home. While here, Charles will be bringing Camila to see an organic farm, meet Ukrainian refugees, and enjoy a state banquet.

Using waste water, a recent study by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction showed that Berliners’ cocaine use is up 58 percent since 2018. Crystal meth consumption has also gone up 70 percent and other amphetamines like speed are up by almost 30 percent.

There are updates to a couple of stories familiar to Radio Spaetkauf listeners: The Bundestag recently passed an amendment to the Transfusion Act, making it now explicit that sexual orientation can not be a factor for exclusion on donating blood. In another move towards equality, a woman’s complaint to the State Office for Equal Treatment, Berlin public pools are changing their rules. Every person will now be allowed to swim topless.

This episode ends with Dan covering a story about Berlin’s makeshift trailer parks, which district authorities are threatening to destroy before segueing into a brief rant; questioning the state’s balance in considering the needs of landlords versus tenants.

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This episode was produced by Anne-Marie Harrison and Daniel Stern.
Editing by Sebastian Filip.
Script by Anne-Marie Harrison.
Hosts: Matilde Keizer, Anne-Marie Harrison, Daniel Stern, and guest host Drew Portnoy.
Additional contributions by Jöran Mandik and as always the support of Joel Dullroy.

Assistance from https://www.podfestberlin.com/

Recorded live at Noisy Rooms.

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Something’s Fishy | with GEW Union and Zossener48

In our second installment of the Brews and News winter tour we recorded at the Vagabund Brewery in Wedding from Kesselhaus. 1,500 fish died after the giant fish tank in the Radisson Blu exploded out into the street next to Alexanderplatz. We talk through an interesting transport proposal from Green Senator Bettina Jarasch to let bicycles park in car spaces, and another by the Berlin government to ease up immigration laws that could have huge consequences for listeners wanting to become Germans. And we share our best Christmas tips and tricks for those spending the holidays in Berlin. Happy first day of Hanukkah one and all. 

We check in with pal of the show Ryan Plocher, active with the GEW union Berlin, who came on to let us know about the most recent teacher’s strike in Berlin.

And Yvonne von Langsdorff came on to tell us about how she (and her neighbours) hatched a plan to snatch back the sale of her house from an investor – by buying it but not owning it themselves. 

Community Room

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This episode was recorded live at Vagabund Brauerei’s Kesselhaus location in Wedding, so you might hear a little extra background noise. Thanks to our audience member @antesepic for the photo!

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Hosts: Izzy Choksey, Jöran Mandik, Anne-Marie Harrison
Research & Writing: Anne-Marie Harrison, Sebastian Filip, Jöran Mandik, Izzy Choksey
Editing: Sebastian Filip

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RS#03 2016: Don’t watch this film

This weekend is Easter, which means it is illegal to watch over 700 films banned by the German ratings authority. It includes obvious anti-religious films such as Monty Python’s Life of Brian, but also strange entries such as Mary Poppins. Dan Stern reads through the list to pick out some gems.

The refugee influx has created opportunities for some businesses to make a lot of money. The consulting firm McKinsey found itself in hot water this month for obtaining a big contract from the city of Berlin by employing a former SPD party official. McKinsey quit after the scandal emerged, but mayor Michael Müller has been damaged by the incident.

Special guest Elizabeth Rushe joins us to talk about her interview with a young Syrian athlete and refugee in Berlin who, despite her harrowing ordeal, is still training to swim at the Olympics. Read her full story here: http://bit.ly/1Uvebec

Special guest Craig Schuftan talks about the Culture Club Kino, a new event series in Berlin mashing together a lecture, video and audio to explain the fascinating connections in pop culture. Culture Club Kino takes place on Thurs March 24, 8pm, in the Oval Room at Babylon. Tickets here: http://bit.ly/1LzAE7a

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