Maisie’s Voice – The Last Conversation With Maisie Hitchcock

Zombies in the GDR. Deutschrap. Heavenly lakes. Joy despite cancer. Days before her death, Maisie Hitchcock and I talked for one last time. In a hospital room in London, she shared her favourite memories from her years in Berlin – and revealed a few untold surprises.

It’s not all tears, because Maisie could be so funny. Her depth of knowledge about architecture, German history, music and culture is astounding. This is just a sample of her best moments from more than a decade of co-hosting Radio Spaetkauf.

Make time for this. Take a walk. Listen until the end. Be prepared to laugh and cry. And maybe Maisie will convince you to change your life.

I’m Joel Dullroy, and here I join with long-time co-hosts Andrew Mason, Jöran Mandik and Daniel Stern to remember Maisie Hitchcock.

Thanks to our fellow Radio Spaetkauf collaborators Izzy Choksey, Matilde Keizer, Anne-Marie Harrison and Sebastian Filip. Thanks to Radio Spaetkauf listeners for sending in your favourite memories of Maisie.

More About Maisie

Maisie Hitchcock was the co-founder and co-host of Radio Spaetkauf. Hers was the first voice ever heard on the podcast, announcing it into existence in late 2011. She was also a writer, tour guide and gave classes on architecture and design. Maisie moved to Berlin in the early 2000s, drawn by an appreciation for the overlooked art and architecture of the GDR.

Maisie died from the effects of ovarian cancer on August 9, 2023, three years after her diagnosis. Her only initial symptoms were slight stomach bloating. She wanted others to know the signs of ovarian cancer, for which there is little research. She asked people to donate to charities funding research and awareness, including Ovarian Cancer Research (UK), Eierstockktrebs Stiftung (Germany), and Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (US).

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