Loud at the Library

Recorded live at the Amerika Gedenkbibliothek with hosts Dan, Izzy and Matilde, covering Berlin news for the month of March. NESCO recognizing the techno scene, controversy over stone statues at the Humboldt Forum, and the renaming of the “O2 Arena”. Weed is legal as of April 1st – but where and when can and can’t it be consumed? An update, or non-update on the proposed fence around Görlitzer Park, and a new court ruling that might have an effect on the housing market.
Juliana Pranke, ZLB’s Head of Public Services, joins Radio Spaetkauf to discuss the Pop-Up library extension of the Amerika Gedenkbibliothek and a petition looking to make use of the empty Kaufhauses Galeries Lafayette for a new central library. Sign it here:https://www.zlb.de/unterschreiben/.

Former co-host Joeran shares a captivating narrative of seeking a sacred tree in Berlin, a journey that takes him from one end of the city to the other and back again.

Izzy analyzes and critiques the policies of Berlin’s current ruling coalition. political landscape, and critiques including the CDU and SPD’s positions on housing and transportation. We delve into the three duos vying for leadership of Berlin’s SPD party.

The final guest of the show Philipp Kreicarek is the creator of the app KnowDrugs: https://knowdrugs.app/ tells us about his project which aims to help people who using psychoactive substances by providing information, promoting harm reduction and encouraging user education. The app provides access to testing results for club drugs collected in Berlin and across Europe.

And we wrap up with Dan’s recommendation of the upcoming Arab Film Festival Berlin: https://alfilm.berlin/ as well as his show at the Wall Comedy Club April 5th: Info + Tickets, Matilde’s show dates can be found via her insta: Matilde’s insta: @matikeizer
Show Written, produced, edited by Daniel Stern and Izzy Choksey With support from PodFestBerlin
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