Get Help Berlin: Part 2 – The Magic Word

Jöran and Matilde outline the underground market which is making it difficult for psychotherapists to treat patients under public health insurance. But, there’s a work-around to getting psychotherapy covered! Find out what this magic word is on this episode, and read all about it in the current cover story for ExBerliner Magazine

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Bedarfsplanung: formal coverage plan made to ensure sufficient health service coverage across Germany, according to the need in each region.

Gesetzliche Krankenkassen: Statutory health insurance funds, Germany’s publicly-mandated privately-run insurers, covering around 90% of residents. They fund some mental healthcare costs for members.

Kassensitze: An insurance-funded therapy license for therapists.

Kostenerstattungsverfahren: cost reimbursement procedure.

Sprechstunden: Trial sessions.

Types of Therapy:

Psychoanalyse: he original Freudian analysis. You’re on the couch, talking with fairly little pushback from the therapist sitting behind you.

Tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie: your classic talk therapy. An evolution of psychoanalysis, where you sit face-to-face and try to find out where your patterns and issues come from.

Verhaltenstherapie: where you’re working on unlearning patterns and changing your behaviour.

Systemische Therapie: assumes that everything is connected and thus focuses on contextual frames such as family and other relationships rather than the individual.

EMDR: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, especially for PTSD.

Show Notes:

Jöran tried Berlin Institute for Psychotherapie and Psychoanalyse (BIPP):

Others went straight to a Hausarzt (a general doctor). But you can get an initial assessment appointment by calling: 116 117.


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